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Fiddle Music from Fife

Fiddle Music from Fife is a reprint of the Collections of two outstanding 18th century fiddler-composers from Fife.

Alexander Leburn (1767-1836) was born and died in the Royal Burgh of Auchtermuchty. He was a magistrate of the burgh, and, according to his obituary, "a self taught philosopher of no mean order" with "considerable proficiency in mathematics, chemistry, astronomy and general science"

James Walker (1760-1840) from the Royal Burgh of Dysart, on the other hand, was a full-time musician and teacher, much in demand for grand balls and dancing parties, but also accustomed on those occasions to giving the servants a session of music "below stairs"

The music is reprinted with its original bass lines, and includes airs, jigs, strathspeys, reels etc. The tune titles show that both composers enjoyed the patronage of the local gentry.

The book, in paperback, has 54 pages with 117 tunes.

Fiddle Music from Fife