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The James Campbell Collection

James Campbell published his Collection of Marches, Quick Steps, Strathspeys, Reels, etc at Glasgow in 1798

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  • Allamand
  • Campbell's Allemand
  • Capt Montgomery's Fancy
  • Colonel McDowall's March for 2 flutes
  • Colonel McDowall's March
  • Gardner's Hornpipe
  • Lord Chichester Spencer's Reel
  • March of the Renfrewshire Militia
  • March of the Royal Paisley Militia for 2 flutes
  • Miss Bigg's Fancy
  • Miss Charlotte Toll's Strathspey
  • Miss Corbet's Fancy
  • Miss Cunningham of Lainshaw's Favourite
  • Miss Helen McCall's Strathspey
  • Miss Janet McKerrell's Reel
  • Miss Janet McKerrell's Strathspey
  • Miss McReady of Perston's Favourite
  • Miss Riddle's Fancy
  • Mr J J Henry's Strathspey
  • Mrs Reid of Adamton's Favourite
  • Quick March
  • Quickstep
  • Royal Glasgow Volunteers March for 2 flutes
  • Royal Glasgow Volunteers March
  • Royal Paisley Volunteers March for 2 flutes
  • Royal Paisley Volunteers March, The