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John MacGlashan's Collection of Strathspey Reels

John MacGlashan, possibly brother of the better-known Alexander 'King' Macglashan, published A Collection of Strathspey Reels for the Piano Forte, Violin, or German Flute at Edinburgh in 1796.

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  • Braes of Aldclune, The
  • Bridge of Crosk, The
  • Col Ferrier of the Scots Brigade's March & Quickstep
  • High Road to Linton, The
  • Honble Mrs Charteris's Strathspey, The
  • Jenny's Bawbee
  • Major McLean of 60th Regt Reel
  • Miss Bartlet's Reel
  • Miss Bridges Strathspey
  • Miss Buchannan of Dullater's Strathspey
  • Miss C Bartlets Strathspey
  • Miss Campbell of Kilbride's Strathspey
  • Miss Campbell of Shawfield's Strathspey
  • Miss Campbell of Smiddy Green's Jigg
  • Miss Campbell of Smiddy Green's Strathspey
  • Miss Carmichaels' Strathspey
  • Miss Corbett's Reel
  • Miss Eleanora Campbell of Kilbride's Strathspey
  • Miss Grant of Grant's Strathspey
  • Miss Hamilton of Blandfield's Strathspey
  • Miss Helen Grant's Reel
  • Miss Jean Shireff's Reel
  • Miss Johnston of Twickenham's Strathspey
  • Miss Kirkwood's Strathspey
  • Miss Louisa Drummond of Logiealmond's Delight
  • Miss Margaret Gordon of Lesmore's Reel
  • Miss Matilda Grant's Strathspey
  • Miss Pearson of Kippenross Strathspey
  • Miss Penuel Grant of Grant's Strathspey
  • Miss Sally Bartlets Reel
  • Miss Spens's Reel
  • Miss Stewart of Garth's Reel
  • Miss Williamson's Reel
  • Miss Willison's Reel
  • Mr A Jaffray's Strathspey
  • Mr D Bridges Junrs Reel
  • Mr P Robertson's Reel
  • Mr P Shireff's Favorite
  • Mrs A Macglashan's Jigg
  • Mrs McLea's Farewell
  • Mrs Stewart, Benchills Reel